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Director of Marketing

at Marketing/Promo/Adv.- Books  |  Salary: Competitive |  Job#: SG-4530 |  8 Sep 2017

(Oregon) Director of Marketing – Job Summary

Primary job duties include the direction and development of book marketing strategies and marketing materials. Leads the group’s efforts to acquire higher-level projects and key prospective authors through professional, visionary presentations. Oversees and directs the marketing activities of the personnel within and outside of the Group in order to effectively and productively grow book sales as strategies are executed. Other key responsibilities include author platform development, market research, trending, budgeting, communication, and relationship building.


• Develop and execute strategic best-selling, pre-sale marketing plans for approximately 3 to 5 trade titles per year
• Prepare compelling and specific marketing strategies of varied levels to prospective and contracted authors and their agents.
• As needed, with vision and passion, articulate and sell such marketing strategies to authors and their agents in an acquisitions capacity
• Research, develop and implement all marketing and sell-in materials from concept through execution, including, marketing pieces, press releases, press-kits, and ARCs (review copies) for each title
• Develop promotional partnerships with relevant organizations and websites and maintain existing such partnerships
• High knowledge of with Amazon Marketing Services/Amazon Marketing Group as well as SEO/SEM and Google Analytics
• Develop market appropriate and effective online and social media campaigns
• Implement and develop website promotions and manage effective content inclusions
• Develop key relationships with and effective marketing strategies for or with the leading accounts and media that are important for product sales success
• Work with VP of Sales and other sales managers to devise promotions, co-op opportunities, and initiatives to increase trade and specialty sales
• Coordinate development of catalog copy/tip sheets and promotional materials for sales department
• Conduct, gather and analyze market research to determine online opportunities and competitiveness, identify, interpret and capitalize on online trends, and experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage online activities
• Achieve targeted results and ensure timely and effective execution of social media tactics and programs
• Develop and maintain social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
• Build and manage effective landing pages for high-level book product
• Manage annual marketing budget
• Collaborate with key in-house functions and departments including sales, editorial, design and layout, and production
• Manage marketing relationships with key authors, editors, and publishing partners, to support a professional publishing service
• Identify target audience pools and grow Harvest House’s email lists by using an ongoing and focused promotional and marketing strategy
• Conduct close working relationships with Group’s editorial roles to ensure strong and clear two-way communication with respect to key products and their marketing strategies/plans
• Keep abreast of the latest Marketing theory, technologies, and best practice to improve marketing ROI, and actively test new marketing techniques


• The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 5-10 years book trade marketing experience, with a specialty in internet marketing


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