Intellectual Property & Rights Manager

(NYC) This Intellectual Property & Rights Manager provides strategic and operational direction and oversight of all publisher’s intellectual property rights and permissions related activities and serves as a key staff contact for all reported cases of potential copyright, publications policy, and ethical violations and infringements involving company’s authors, editors, volunteers, and third parties. In addition, provides non-legal advice and guidance on all intellectual property related issues to the organization, such as US and International Copyright Policy, Creative Commons Reuse Licensing, Fair Use Policy, serves as the key liaison to the volunteer community for all intellectual property rights, policy, and publication ethics related issues, such as reported claims of copyright infringement, plagiarism and other publication ethics related violations, and works closely with the Director of Publications and company’s Publications Board to ensure that company’s Rights & Permissions Agreements and related Publications Policies are kept up-to-date and remain user-friendly to the company’s author community.

Responsibilities Include:

·         Manage the processing of publication rights forms and documentation through the automated rights management systems to secure, review and approve appropriate publication rights for all company Publications.

·         Serve as key contact on all rights-related questions and permissions issues for staff and external vendors.

·         Manage and oversee all permissions and rights related external vendors involved in the rights & permissions process.

·         Develop and maintain relationships with US and International rights customers.

·         Serve as the key staff liaison for the company’s Publications Board Committee on Ethics & Plagiarism and ensure that reported Ethics & Plagiarism claims are processed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner, consistent with company’s Publications Policy.

·         Periodically review permissions contracts and update as needed to reflect changing business models and requirements (i.e.-Open Access, Creative Commons Licenses, etc.)

·         Ensure that the company has been granted the necessary rights and permissions to publish all company authors’ works in the Company Digital Library by working closely with Editorial and SIG Services staff.

·         Maintain standard rights and permissions agreements and templates.

·         Responsible for developing and implementing Rights & Permissions policies with respect to software and data.

·         Principal liaison to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for maintaining all service contracts and updates to licensed services. Schedule title updates and directly interact with the RightsLink® and NRLS® online permission systems providing various reuse permissions as needed. Provide periodic system enhancement requests to CCC and negotiate configuration update costs. Report on permissions activities and revenues to company’s senior staff upon request.

·         Prepare new copyright registrations with Library of Congress and other registration agencies for all new company Publications and maintain registrations for all published works.

·         Serve as company’s in house expert on all rights & related issues, including providing advice to management and volunteers on the use of Creative Commons licenses, changes in US and International copyright law that impact company’s rights & permissions activities, and to coordinate all activities of the company’s Ethics & Plagiarism Committee.

·         Review and/or negotiate new licenses for publication as needed, solely or in collaboration with Director of Publications (i.e., corporate agreements for authors to publish with company, etc.).

·         Perform routine maintenance as needed to correct DL tags regardingRightslink®.

·         Advise Director of Publications on all rights & permissions related activity, including cases under review by the company’s Ethics & Plagiarism Committee.

·         Train and provide ongoing advise and support to the Assistant Editor and Journals Manager

             for all company Journals.

·         Manage and oversee Open Access Article Processing Charge selection and fee collection

             process for company authors.

·         Identify means to increase permissions revenues in collaboration with service providers.

·         Keep abreast of trends and developments in scholarly publishing, Copyright Law and industry changes. Enhance/Modify wording within company’s rights management application to improve compliance from authors. Advise vendor responsible for Copyright Registrations with U.S. Copyright Office (Library of Congress).

·         Manage and oversee all external vendors hired to provide publication rights & permissions related services.

·         Provide IS Dept. with specifications for timely updates of company’s titles database at the CCC for digital rights management through Rightslink and NRLS.

·         Analyze publishing and vendor contracts for Publications and SIGs; revise and/or negotiate as needed.

·         Interact heavily with Publications and SIG Dept. staff to advise volunteers regarding policies and procedures related to copyright/publication issues and to analyze publishing related contracts.

·         Interact with Accounting Dept. and Member Services regarding non-automated permissions  invoicing and collection.

Qualifications/Skills/Experience Include:

·         Bachelor’s degree and at least 5-7years’ experience in publishing or closely related experience

·         Adept at database and information management

·         Ability to multitask and work in pressure-filled situations, and meet long-term or short term deadlines

·         Proficient in MS Office suite, such as Outlook, Excel, Work, and PowerPoint

·         Knowledge of copyright law, contract preparation experience, and scholarly publication policy, although a formal legal background is not required

·         A minimum of five years of publishing experience (specifically academic publishing), including rights licensing, subsidiary rights, intellectual property & IP infringement management, and permissions management

Salary:  Competitive                        Job#:   SG-4583