Editorial Director

(Indiana) Religious publishing company seeking an Editorial Director. This position will direct all aspects of the editorial process, from acquisition through editorial production. The Editorial Director will work closely with the Publisher, as well as the marketing and design teams throughout the acquisition, book development, and book publication process.



  • Oversee product acquisition and development of approximately forty books and other products per year in all publishing categories

  • Lead company efforts to recruit new authors and develop new projects and products

  • Negotiate contracts, royalty rates, and royalty advances with authors and agents and acquires rights from other publishers

  • Ensures adequate staffing and training levels, maintains a positive work environment and employee morale, and resolves issues with management or human resources when appropriate

  • Manages the editorial department staff in all phases of the editorial process

  • Ensures smooth product flow between editorial, design, and marketing departments



  • Understanding of the book production process in print and e-book form.

  • Commitment to quality, accuracy, and attention to detail

  • Ability to manage assigned personnel and make routine personnel recommendations and/or decisions

  • Awareness of and focus on the Catholic mission of the organization

Salary: Competitive                                             SG-4593