Managing Editor, Editor Team

(Boston) Training and utilizing staff resources effectively is one of the biggest challenges of this Editor’s job and often requires effective problem-solving to meet deadlines and at the same time remaining sensitive to other departments’ priorities.  This media company is seeking a  Managing Editor with strong problem-solving, relationship-building, and decision-making skills as this position involves both working independently and depending on and interacting with other team members to meet editorial and production schedules. 

Responsibilities Include:

·         Hire, train, and manage a team of development editors to insure they meet our budget proposal

·         Track and report on team’s goals on a weekly basis

·         Work closely with Production and Online Events staff and gain deep knowledge of internal tools and databases to deliver content according to specific deadlines

·         Lead check-in meetings with Editorial teams to extract information on upcoming projects and then manage them to completion

·         Oversee the calendar of online trainings and insure that all contracted trainings are scheduled and posted to our online learning platform in a timely manner

·         Act as a single source of up-to-date information concerning products for all departments

·         Work with Editors, Marketing, and Conference organizers to manage creation and delivery of content (print and digital) for Conferences and other events.


Requirements/Experience/Skills Include:

·         Strong communication skills are the main prerequisite for this position   

·         Proven project management and leadership record and the ability to develop and execute on a content strategy

·         Desire to grow individual team members through learning, leading, coaching, and helping team members build their own skills to succeed

·         Strong understanding of the business visual, goals, and strategies

·         Ability to unravel particularly thorny content development problems

·         Ability to work on tight deadlines

·         Ability to write clearly and accurately on technical subject matter

·         Ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders including authors, trainers, and production team members

·         Ability to maintain high professional standards in interacting with others—inside and outside of the company—at all times.

·         Excellent editorial instinct, people, and project management skills.

Salary:  Competitive                                     Job#:  SG-4653