Editorial Director

(NYC) The Editorial Director will work in partnership with the Publisher to create and grow a well-rounded and successful children’s publishing business. This role will oversee the editorial, design, and managing editorial functions for the publisher’s English language imprints.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with the Publisher to curate a publishing list for 3 seasons every year that accurately fits the needs of the North American market, with extensions into global English language market and create an identity for the imprint through successfully selecting a cohesive publishing list for each season.

  • Effectively manage the editorial content and design, spot key trends, and constantly reassess the editorial strategy to ensure top efficiency and results.

  • Oversee the implementation of the editorial strategy, including, but not limited to curation of content from publisher’s backlist of original Japanese titles, new acquisitions, agent/author/illustrator relations, P&L’s, marketing and publicity efforts from an editorial perspective, and production quality control.

  • Perform the functions of a managing editor for all titles in production being created in-house.   This includes localization of Japanese origin titles.

  • Guide the day-to-day activity of the editorial, design, and outsourced consultants and work closely with these teams to define requirements and objectives.

  • Curate, conceive, develop, and/or acquire original titles for each seasonal list.

  • Acquire and publish licenses suitable for our formats and the North American/Global English-language market (particularly for mass market).

  • Provide a strategic direction to the publishing and bear responsibility for editorial integrity and standards.

  • Continuously analyze the competitive environment and consumer trends and publish ahead of the curve.

  • Liaise closely with the sales, marketing, and publicity to ensure that the lists reflect and drive market trends domestically and globally.

  • Oversee all aspects of the book design process. Hire and manage freelance writers, editors, illustrators and designers as needed.

  • Set and achieve key targets in terms of titles commissioned, profitability, and stock management.

  • Establish production schedule/calendar to meet the needs of the sales department.

  • Manage the production schedule/calendar to reflect all changes throughout the year and to ensure that all milestones are met.

Requirements/Skills/Experience Include:

  • Rising star with 6+ years’ experience in children’s editorial.

  • Extensive and intimate knowledge of the North American book publishing industry and the various players in the marketplace along with a proven track record within these markets.

  • Experience with acquiring and publishing licenses in the North American marketplace.

  • Extensive network of children’s writers, editors, illustrators and designers that can be called upon to function as consultants or new hires.

  • Experience with design, managing editorial, and editorial and a desire to learn more to effectively manage the processes and functions within the design and editorial teams, both in-house and consultants.

  • Superior editing skills and the ability to Americanize product by changing format, cover, and content to fit the North American aesthetic.

  • A self-starter who is willing to go above and beyond the job description and pitch in wherever necessary to get the job done, along with excellent negotiation skills and competent with managing profitability and budgeting.

  • This position may require travel to Japan in order to review and curate content from publisher’s Japanese backlist, as well as from other Japanese publishers.

  • Someone who has an open mind, can think outside the box and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done successfully.

  • Ready and willing to work in a start-up environment and passionate to put their stamp on a business and create something from the bottom up.

  • Creative and inspiring team leader, with a proactive nature and an ability to communicate at the highest Someone who loves what this publisher has already achieved, the products and titles it has published and has a vision for how to effectively utilize their existing content globally.

Salary: Competitive SG-4673